Technical support

Technical support

Technical support of information systems and software in most companies often appears to be a set of poorly coordinated service programs received from different vendors and integrators. In some cases, critical elements of the IT infrastructure, embedded modules of information systems are not being supported adequately, while the other part of them gets unreasonably high level of service. As a consequence, financial expenses related to maintenance of information systems are growing, the risk of long-lasting emergency downtimes of systems for the whole business increases as well, and opportunities for scaling under conditions of the intensive growth of the enterprise are being significantly limited.

The establishment of own technical support in the enterprise is one of the solutions of this problem. However, this solution has a significant drawback: unreasonably high cost of maintenance of teams of highly qualified multi-specialty experts.

Cooperation with the technical support of “EnTechEco” is aimed at close interaction with customers for profound understanding of their goals and tasks, and as a consequence, at the provision of the best conditions for their achievement and performance that gives the possibility:

  • to establish a single point of responsibility for time and quality of solving problems,
  • to get the technical support with a choice of different service levels adapted to specific needs of the business,
  • to unify the workflow for service contracts and technical support agreements,
  • to release resources of the IT service of the corporate customer for the core business,
  • to effectively manage the expenses related to support of systems implemented both by our company and by third-party contractors.

In order to provide assistance to customers, the company “EnTechEco” offers to provide organization and support of works related to the technical support of solutions implemented. The relevant services include the following:

  • reception, registration, classification and prioritization of applications,
  • routing of requests provided in accordance with regulations agreed with the client,
  • consulting and handling of requests,
  • formation and maintenance of the knowledge base used support of the solution implemented in the customer’s enterprise,
  • provision of the smooth operation of solutions implemented,

The company “EnTechEco” has some resources, experience and expertise which give the possibility to provide reliable operation of solutions implemented in the enterprise. The personnel of the support includes more than 20 qualified specialists certified for operation of systems, that enables us to provide comprehensive technical support for various systems. Every day we support the stable operation of information systems of a number of the largest enterprises. Here are competitive advantages of our technical support:

  • fixed-term handling of requests in accordance with agreed regulations,
  • reduction of operating and capital expenses related to the maintenance of the customer’s information system,
  • solution of problems on the basis of criticality of business processes,
  • the highest qualification of employees of the technical support of the company “EnTechEco”,
  • predictability of costs for technical support of solutions implemented,
  • standardization of technical support,
  • reduction of the risk of occurrence or recurrence of problems.